About ExportSavvy

A bit of background

The ExportSavvy team are experienced entrepreneurs who have run a range of product and service-based businesses that have grown significantly through international trade.

The team has been working with DIT and others helping businesses to learn, grow and prosper internationally for over 15 years. Providing the knowledge for helping exporters win contracts.

Over that time we have worked with around 13,000 SME exporters, some who had never sold overseas before and some who wanted to develop their existing overseas trade.

In short we understand business and we understand how business people learn.

What we value

Our clients’ front-line challenges and experiences

We never stop learning and our experience of getting under the skin of so many ambitious growing businesses gives us a truly unique and constantly evolving insight into business development: strategies and decision-making, management challenges, triumphs and disasters!

Helping clients find business success.

We want to share our knowledge as widely as we can. ExportSavvy helps us to do this with thousands of SME exporters engaging every year.

A practical approach to business growth.

Whilst sound business theory underpins everything we do our approach is consistently based on the practicalities of business life.

Developing your ideas.

ExportSavvy has been very thoughtfully compiled to challenge you and encourage you to explore some of the key issues you might face at each stage.

If you have ideas we want to help you to make the most of them – even if you don’t know where to start we can give you a framework within which you can exploit your natural entrepreneurial flair.

As you get used to using ExportSavvy you will come to see the time that you spend on the site as valuable management time – an opportunity to ‘work on the business not in the business’.

You can pick up a valuable tip, learn the ins and outs of a particular topic and draw some personal conclusions that will contribute to your strategic plan. ExportSavvy is about you and your business, a place where you can find the information you need when you need it and keep it where you can easily access it as required.


Over time, as our clients have wanted more flexibility we have gradually made more and more use of online resources to support them.

As we have plugged increasing exporting know-how into ‘ExportSavvy’, it has grown and developed as an invaluable source of help for all SME exporters.

Our approach is about providing just enough information just in time and allowing everyone to work at their own pace.

Built on foundations created by a highly experienced team and developed out of the real-life experiences of SME exporters, ExportSavvy offers flexible access to the practical information, advice and learning which underpins export success, helping exporters win contracts and grow profitably.


What people say

Marion Long – Director and Owner Rhythm for Reading Services Limited

“Thank you for the fantastic training .I certainly felt my thinking transform as we went through the course and it’s good to know that the online resource will deepen and extend that. Actually Global Growth was the best training I’ve ever attended – unbeatable value in terms of both its content and highly effective structure. I really appreciate your advice – it’s really spurred me on hugely. 

Dominic Simler – MD – Playinchoc Ltd

“Hi David – Many thanks. This course was more useful and practical than anything I have done since leaving university in 1996 – and that was studying business and finance! Would make a fantastic module on an MBA course!

Robin Cairns, MD McQueen Cairns Technology

“I wanted to congratulate you on such an excellent seminar last week. I’ve been to a few of these and found yours very informative, thorough and detailed, but also refreshingly different and fun. I look forward to hopefully attending more from you in the future.

Johnny Manning – Owner – Mannings Tutors

I wanted to say thank you again for what I thought was a truly excellent course.  I have certainly come away very excited about the prospect of exporting, and, as you say, with a structure to how I can begin thinking about the “road ahead”.

Natasha Ross – Finance Director - Trotters Childrenswear

“Thank you David. It was an extremely useful day and it’s certainly given me lots to think about! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it, and how interesting it was meeting you all.”