Lead with confidence……..whether you are an experienced exporter or approaching international trade for the first time this masterclass will help you to build an optimal export business model that is:

      • Scalable
      • Sustainable
      • Profitable
      • Flexible


You will consider 6 key questions – the answers to these will help you create a robust and appropriate international business model:

      • Why? – understanding your aims and rationale.
      • What? – fine tuning your international offer – ensuring that it is attractive, appropriate and profitable.
      • Where? – choosing the best markets to trade in.
      • With what? – understanding and managing your resource requirements.
      • How? – choosing and establishing the most suitable routes to market.


The masterclass is delivered via a number of different learning styles.  You can engage with all of them, or just select the one’s that suit you the best.  The subscription gives you access to all of the following:

      • 1 day live on-line interactive workshop.
      • High quality e-learning materials – including videos of many exporters talking about their experiences.  Each learning module is interactive and allows you to draw personal conclusions about your own business – these conclusions feed into….
      • An export planning tool – organising your thoughts for further development. 
      • A range of checklists to assess your application.
      • A range of tools that will help you to apply your learning directly to your business

If you complete the online workshop and all of the e-learning materials you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you wish you can get further personalised support by subscribing to our 1 to 1 coaching sessions, or we can provide tailored internationalconsultancy for your business..