Leading International e-commerce

Is international for you?

Why international e commerce?

What is involved and key considerations

Part of the ExportLeader Certification Programme

Pick a lesson and get started!


lesson 1: Why?

E Commerce is the fastest growing channel for both domestic and international sales. Are you working in this area – or do you have intentions of doing so? Maybe you don’t think it’s for you, however, before you write it off you might want to check out the opportunities highlighted in this short lesson.

40 minutes

LESSON 2: Course introduction

This course has been designed to raise your awareness of the possibilities and opportunities of delivering international business via e-commerce. If you are new to international e-commerce this will help you to organise your thinking and get started.

20 minutes

LESSON 3: What with?

You want to do e-commerce overseas, so…

  • What have you got to sell?
  • Why is someone 5,000 miles away going to buy something from you when they haven’t even met you?

What are you going to sell overseas via e-commerce?

For all sorts of reasons, it might not be the same as you sell through non-digital channels. This lesson has been designed to remind you of what is important to improve your conversions and maximise your return.

45 minutes

LESSON 4: Where?

If you are going to trade in a limited number of territories you’ll want to select the ones that will give you the best return for your efforts. There are 2 things  to consider:

  • Which markets will show demand for your offering? 
  • Where is it easiest to trade? 

This lesson shows the way.

25 minutes

LESSON 5: With what?

This lesson is all about resources – making sure you have all the right tools, skills and support to be successful in international e-commerce. 

25 minutes

LESSON 6: How? #1 - Choose the best platform

One of the major questions that we’re asked is how do I choose the most suitable online sales platform?

A sales platform is your on-line shop – the place that your customers purchase your products or services. 

This lesson covers the key considerations in choosing the right platform for your business.

55 minutes

LESSON 7: How? #2 - Attract customers

This lesson takes a look at the first part of the customer experience cycle – awareness. This is all about attracting potential customers onto your sales platform. To do this you have to stand out from the crowd and be digitally visible.

45 minutes

LESSON 8: How? #3 - Convert traffic (make sales)

This lesson takes a look at the second part of the customer experience cycle – purchase. This is all about optimising your sales platform(s) and managing your potential customers once they are on the site.

60 minutes

Lesson 9 – How? #4 - Fulfil your orders

This lesson takes a look at the third part of the customer experience cycle – Receive. This is all about fulfilment.

Once your customer has purchased something on line you will need to fulfil the order – how well can you do this when the customer is say 3,000 miles away? 

30 minutes

Lesson 10 – How? #5 - Provide world class customer service

This lesson takes a look at the last three parts of the customer experience cycle – Use / Maintain / Dispose. We will consider this collectively to be customer service.

Once your customer has received their order you have the opportunity to develop your relationship with them.

50 minutes