Learn the six key decisions for export success

Every export project begins with six important choices – we call them the “Export 6 – Pack”. Learn how to get yours in shape.

The six key decisions – secrets of success

There are six key decisions that are vital to the success of any export business venture. In fact, we’ve built the foundations of the ExportSavvy approach upon them.

They apply to every type of business, whether you’re selling physical products or services – just starting to plan or about to launch – or ready to review a trading business..

If you want your international business to be a success, (and of course you do!) Start here!

1. WHY?

What are your reasons for exporting. There are may reasons for moving into overseas business – perhaps driven by internal reasons, in response to home trading conditions or to take advantage of economic bonuses.  Learn some of the benefits – even hidden ones?


Why should somebody thousands of miles away do business with you? What’s your awesome, undeniable offer? Learn how to create a winning export offer.


Your third vital decision – which market?  Choosing where best for YOU to do business. Spot opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Learn about balancing market potential with ease of doing business.


Resource your opportunity. Make sure you have what’s needed for success – people, time, finance – the tools to do the job. Make the right decisions and be ready.

5. HOW?

How are you going to access the markets? There are lots of possible routes to market – selling direct, using agents or distributors, e-commerce, joint ventures, licensing and more. The right choice can make huge benefits – the wrong decision can be costly.


Doing business in remote markets – chances are you’ll need help from in-country partners. But what kind of help? How do you decide and how do you select the right people? Another of your essential decisions.

and there’s more…

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