“Our business model is great for sales  but providing local service to the customers is tricky”.


“There is a limit as to how much business we can do with this route to market”’.


“Winning the business is one thing, but if we get that large order from overseas are we set up to deliver it”?


“Is our business model reaching all of the right customers in that territory?”


If you are trading overseas these concerns may be familiar to you. If they are, then it may be that your route to market could be more effective

Whether you are a service or product based company an effective export business model should satisfy all aspects of the business cycle

  • Provide an appropriate overseas offering (that customers actually want).
  • Generate international traffic  – find and provide export customers.
  • Convert traffic – make sales.
  • Fulfil orders – produce and deliver into overseas markets.
  • Provide quality customer service – timely and appropriate international customer service.
  • Trade within local statutory requirement – meet international administration and statutory requirements

Does your current or proposed international trade business model deliver all of these points?  If not you might want to consider changing it – the question is, what are the alternatives?


Your Challenge…….

See if you can write down at least 10 different export business models – this is 10 different potential routes to market for your international trade


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