Communicating your export offer

Welcome to Communicating Your Offer.

  • What will make your offer different in an international market? Create the platform to make sure you take full advantage of all the strengths at your disposal.
  • What will make your offer credible in an international market? Don’t let yourself down when you pitch to new overseas customers or partners.
  • Consider how you’ll position yourself in new markets. Think smart and optimise your profitability.

Your customers buy from you because you offer them something special, but do you really understand what makes you different in the eyes of your customers?

What do customers really buy from your company and will it be the same in an overseas market?

Think through how you will maximise the attractiveness of your offer and get through some of the barriers.


Let’s start!

Communicating Your Export Offer

At an early stage in your thinking about what you have to offer an overseas market you probably have only a sketchy idea of the precise needs of your potential customers and partners.

However, even at an early stage you can start to build the picture that will help potential overseas customers and partners relate to you and your business.

You can put together some simple messages that ensure that you are seen as both different and credible and that you maximise your chances of getting into successful overseas business relationships.

Hit these two important buttons and you are on the way to a successful market engagement.



  • How can you use your track record to demonstrate your credibility?
  • Can you talk about international experience, no matter how small?
  • Have you got a great team you can tell them about?
  • Do you have important personal expertise?
  • Do you have strong endorsements , commendations and important customers?
  • Is Englishness/Britishness something you can use to enhance the impression you make?
  • If you are a small business how can you sell the advantages of working with you?
  • How can you impress potential partners/customers with your commitment?



  • What are the key qualities and strengths that make your business stand out from others?
  • Do you have stories, anecdotes, case studies that illustrate these key strengths?
  • Is your product or brand protected by trade mark, design registration or patent?
  • How much do you know about their market? Their needs, the competition, your uniqueness in that market?


Getting your message over to potential partners

As you take your export business forward you may well need to talk to potential partners.

Any partner who is going to work with you to develop a market and market your product is seeking to make money out of their partnership with you. Consequently, when pitching to a potential partner you need to be very clear about the opportunity you are offering them. The best way to do that is to present your own track record and achievements and to demonstrate why the features of their market-place create an opportunity for them. Presenting your product, no matter how passionately, is not enough!


Sell the Opportunity

Use your track record. Put together and practice the story of what you have achieved and how you have achieved it. Your track record is probably the most important thing you can talk about.

Quantify your claims and achievements. Whether it is business growth and market penetration or product performance, a number is powerful and memorable.

Use your knowledge of the market to spell out the market development opportunity.

Remember that potential customers and partners may form their impression of you through a variety of media, not only what comes across face to face:

  • Your website
  • Printed materials you provide
  • Letters and e-mails of introduction
  • Your exhibition stand
  • How you and your staff communicate with them by e-mail and phone

Check that your ‘messages’ are clear and consistent in everything you do.

Sell the Opportunity, demonstrate Credibility and Difference



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